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Derantech is 100-percent Indigenous owned.  We believe in outstanding safe efficient work and building on the best blueprint in Western Canada for industry, Provincial indigenous working relations. Derantech’s companies work in the Wood Buffalo Region our discipline consists of Mechanical Trades, Small Projects, Sustainable Development and Maintenance.

When it comes to skilled trades we are innovative in our approach to Indigenous Development. This ownership means extraordinary performance by employees and outstanding value for clients.

Long-term performance-based relationships, integrity solutions management, proven assessment and implementation programs. We have been in business for 10yrs and have built a solid track record for getting the job done safely & efficiently. Our focus remains on providing tailored long-term solutions for each of our clients.


To build on solid commitments, past successes, future goals with a  long term commitment for our clients through accountability, innovation, quality and sustainability,



Going forward. Together. To create a better future through innovative leadership and technology for energy, enviromental, infrastructure and sustainable solutions.


Mike is passionate about his work in his community to which he is committed but also understanding the importance to promote across Canada the growing support for indigenous development and the need to bridge the gap between traditional training and front line development opportunities. Mike has met with entrepreneurs and organizers of training facilities in every province who share the same vision of utilizing and mobilizing the Indigenous youth in the skilled trades on a national level. Through attending National Conferences and seeing first-hand what he believes needs to be done.

In 2007 He organized the board of directors and founded the non-profit society SCES, Sunshine Childrens Educational Society to support local indigenous youth in Education. Mike also joined the board of Directors for CAF, Canadian Apprenticeship Forum 2011-2014 where he was influential for indigenous development through his continued work he has had numerous articles printed on his take on Indigenous Development in the skilled trades and has also been invited to speak. In 2007 Mike was the recipient of the Keyano College Alumni Award and his picture posted on Keyano’s wall of fame. He has also been the recipient of 2 local awards the “2012 Entrepreneur of the Year” and the “2014 Leadership” at RARA, Regional Aboriginal Recognition Awards held annually in Ft McMurray. In 2014 Mike Founded Pathways “Gathering our Nation’s youth for trades” and directed a committee to host the first annual conference at the West Edmonton Mall which was a great success. Mike is grateful and thankful for all the consideration and support for the work which we are all committed to do combined collectively in the Wood Buffalo Region.


Our number one resource is our employees, Subcontractors, Clients the public and our owners. Safe efficient concentrated success is our brand and business.

Understanding the new direction we are going is critical in making things BLEND not only in the workplace but in our everyday lives it is beneficial not only what we do but how we conduct ourselves and most importantly how we do business.


Blending long term career opportunities & cultural beliefs with the goal of being highly regarded through Ethical, Honest hard work resulting in consistent achievements.


Balancing People, Planet, and Profit


Client and employee satisfaction, shareholder value


Derantech was founded by Mike Deranger a local indigenous from the ACFN FirstNation in the wood Buffalo Region. In 2003 Mike Started with one welding truck and one maintenance contract. Today he has a small fleet of welding rigs, service trucks and equipment. Derantech has built a solid track record for completing work safely and efficiently through Small Projects, Shut down Work, Maintenance QA/QC and Engineering. As a local indigenous person Skilled trades development has always been an area of concern for Mike he believes that more indigenous youth can play a larger part in the skilled trades and can be successful just as he has done through responsible mentorship and long term employment opportunities.

2003- Purchased first Welding Truck
2004-First Maintenance contract with Flint Energy
          Welding Trucks, Company becomes COR Certified, ABSA and           CWB Certified.
2009-Awarded Contract with Suncor Energy
2010-Present Purchased 4 more Service Trucks & Small heavy                   equipment, Hires first Safety officer and Engineers for QA,QC           Piping and Structural.



Derantech owner Mike Deranger believes in unity and teaching our youth to overcome difference we believe in the investing of time, Energy and effort in human capital to create a positive cycle of long-term success and a return investment of a valuable young intangible asset. Mike Started the “SCES Sunshine Childrens educational Society” and “Pathways Gathering our Nations Youth in Trades” to support our struggling young indigenous youth and to give them an opportunity to place themselves on a level playing field as his way of giving back. We believe in unity through diverse challenges, barriers and overcoming obstacles as a testament of human spirit and innovation to work together towards better tomorrow.


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