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Although Derantech’s business centers on construction, maintenance, Engineering and Indigenous Skilled Trades Development we are committed to the Wood Buffalo Region to provide service. We believe in strong sustainable community development, Education and opportunity. Through our work in projects in the region we believe giving back is paramount to long term relations, Strong Families & community activities in which Derantech employees participate live and work is Derantech’s long term commitment to this region.


The original stewards of North America were the indigenous peoples who learned to live in balance with the world that surrounded them. Recent archeological evidence indicated that this area has been occupied by First Nations people for as long as 9,000 years. There are records as early as the 1700’s that show the Chipewyan and Beaver people are indigenous to the Athabasca Region and by the mid 1870’s the Cree, Metis and Eur-Canadians also made their homes here. As Stewards we continue to reach out to these people to teach and to learn, to protect our collective history and our environment, together.

Fort McMurray is no longer an isolated community we are on the world stage and we share a global responsibility. Conservation has become an accepted means of making our planet healthier.


Sustainable development and responsible business challenges companies, organizations and individuals to change their thinking and behavior. The sustainable development and responsible business team within Derantech focuses on these current & future challenges and opportunities. Through education and cooperative continued research to find balance between our environment, responsible sustainable development and infrastructure that is needed in our communities for generations to come.


The local population knows that, in addition to providing jobs, the company takes an active interest in, and participates in, local issues. Encouraging Community Relations through Derantech’s HR team includes implementing reward programs, charitable contributions and encouraging community involvement and practices. Including sending emails and company newsletters to staff members that highlight employees and managers to be involved in community relations or creating monthly reward programs to recognize efforts by individuals within the company.

The value inherent in embracing green aspects of corporate responsibility is clearly understood by Derantech Management & Employees. We understand the direct impact that rising energy and utility costs has on our pocketbooks. Reducing each employee's carbon footprint is a great way of getting energy conservation and recycling waste initiatives off the ground. Here are suggestions to start:


•Recycle paper, cans and bottles in the office; recognize departmental efforts.

•Collect food and donations for victims of natural disasters.

•Encourage shutting off lights, computers and printers after work hours and on weekends for further energy reductions.

•Work with IT to switch to laptops over desktop computers. (Laptops consume up to 90% less power.)

•Increase the use of teleconferencing, rather than on-site meetings and trips.

•Promote reusable-bagging in the office to help employees reduce fat and calories to live healthier lives and reduce packaging waste, too.

Derantech owner Mike Deranger believes in unity and teaching our youth to overcome difference we believe in the investing of time, Energy and effort in human capital to create a positive cycle of long-term success and a return investment of a valuable young intangible asset. Mike Started the “SCES Sunshine Childrens educational Society” and “Pathways Gathering our Nations Youth in Trades” to support our struggling young indigenous youth and to give them an opportunity to place themselves on a level playing field as his way of giving back. We believe in unity through diverse challenges, barriers and overcoming obstacles as a testament of human spirit and innovation to work together towards better tomorrow.


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